Enjoy a variety of cultural activities in an Austrian ambiance

Workshops in the clubs Tel Aviv, Haifa, Jerusalem and out of town. Austrian literature, music, theater.

We organize meetings in our clubs with Austrian and Israeli guests from politics, art and theater. Join us for making acquaintances of someone or just for a chat.


Activities in the clubs Tel Aviv and Jerusalem:

  • Exercises for Seniors, lectures about health, art, contemporary issues and literature.
  • Club Tel Aviv: Once a week kosher lunch
  • Holiday Events in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa
  • Organized day trips
  • Welcome of Austrian guests from culture and politics


Research project by Dr. Barbara Schwindt

Dr. Schwindt currently carries out interviews with former Autrians who survived the Shoah and emigrated to Israel after the liberation. The research focuses on the effects of deportation and imprisonment in Ghettos and camps of the Nazis in their new homeland Israel. The work represents a desideratum in research since until now the main focus has been brought about the experiences on behalf of those who were able to leave Austria at the end of the 1930s/beginning of the 1940s and succeeded to get to Erets Israel.